Heidi Bassett Blair

Fine jewelry made with love and compassion, celebrating the elegance of a cruelty-free future.  Heidi Bassett Blair seeks to transform the jewelry space one creation at a time.

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough"

- Heidi Bassett Blair

Wisdom Collection

We are all innately wise warriors.  This collection serves as a gateway to claim, or possibly reclaim, this super power.

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Soul Sister Collection

Soul Sister celebrates the stunning relationships we share as women and the long legacy of women who paved the way for us; in specific, our mothers and grandmothers.

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Karma Collection

These pieces represent the circle of positive intention. Hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia using recycled sterling silver, these bespoke creations remind us to look to our past and breathe new life into it.

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Truth Collection

Speaks of honesty of spirit and a desire to inspire through elegant symbols.  Enveloped in the metaphorical circle of love, each design illustrates a relationship with the human experience.

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