All of my collections are made with a focus on elegance and the preservation of Mother Earth. Every piece is created and produced with sustainability at the forefront of my mind, repurposing materials from the ground and giving you treasures that can be passed down for generations.

How Heidi practices sustainability

I ensure that all aspects of getting these pieces to you is done in a sustainable and cruelty-free manner.

Silver and gold

All silver and gold used throughout my collections is recycled, using what’s already out there and available.

Our diamonds

The diamonds used in these pieces are De Beers certified, meaning they are of the highest quality. De Beers’ values are also in line with mine, as they focus on safely and sustainably making the most of everything that is mined and sold.

Our packaging

All packaging used for my pieces are hand-mades. Supporting a local business. I'm hoping that you reuse these HBB packaging wisely.

Transparent production

I’m aware that sometimes behind the scenes, production doesn’t meet a creator’s values or beliefs. That’s why I take pride in having 100% awareness about every stage of the production.

I will ask the tough questions like:

“How many women do you employ?”
“How many additional benefits do you provide them?”
“Do you provide childcare?”
“Do you have female management?”

I will only produce my collections with those who support women and respect their employees. I will always review the business structure before having anything produced, ensuring that my values are upheld from the first idea to arriving in your hands.

I am focused on empowering women and that goes for who I prefer to work with.

Explore my collections and find a piece that speaks to you.